What is an indie game developer?

Yesterday, my friend George asked me: “What do I have to know to become an indie game developer? To make a game from scratch?” I was on a run and my short answer was: “Everything“.


That “Everything” is overwhelming. My answer made me think and I suppose, that George consider me a smug. But, that evening I sat down and I meditated on those questions. Next day I met George and told him:


“Well, George, I made a mistake yesterday, when you asked me about indie game developer. But you know, creating a game is a complex process which takes some time. It’s not everything, as I said, but you have to learn a lot from many fields and of course you can’t do nothing without patience”.



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With and without marketing: The consequences


I’ve seen lots of people complaining that they only have a few downloads for their games. I’ve also seen very good games with huge potential and they have 500 downloads or even less. What can we do to boost our downloads and make awareness for our games?


Today I would like to compare two games released by our studio, just from a marketing point of view: Cellogy and Polandball: Can into Space!.


Our first game is Cellogy a free game, which was released on May 2015 just on Android and it has only 217 downloads.


marketing vs non marketing


The second one is called Polandball: Can into Space! and it was released:

  • Android, 6th January 2016, 11k downloads (Free version with ads + Paid version)
  • iOS, 12th February 2016, 3.5k downloads (3$ + with some free campaigns)
  • Steam, 16th June 2016, 2k downloads (3$)
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