Polandball – Can into space


Based on the internet meme “Polandball” or “Countryball”, some of the world’s countries are personified as spherical balls dressed in national flags, poking fun at each other’s stereotypes, history and current issues.


Polandball: Can Into Space began with Lex Dumitru’s idea of Countryballs themed game back in the summer of 2015 and asked developers Andrei Jifcovici , Andrei Simion and Sergiu Craitoiu to team up and create the game. The first meeting took place at a local McDonald’s. Polandball: Can into Space took physical form after a couple a months when artist Ingrid Juncanariu joined to create the art for the game. The game was first released on 6th January 2016 for mobile devices. After that the team began to work for the PC version, by enhancing the UI and graphical aspect. Finally the game was released for PC on 16th June 2016.


A single player adventure/arcade game  with some RPG elements developed with Unity3D, Polandball: Can into space puts players in control of Poland’s country ball on its quest to be one among the many countries that have made it to the moon. With an upgradable rocket at their disposal that starts off as nothing more than junk, players are tasked to upgrade the ship using money they pick up on the route to their destination.

There are over 25 countries in the game aiming to foil Polandball’s plans at any given time.


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