Unbound at East European Comic Con

We had a blast showcasing Unbound this May at East Europan Comic Con in Bucharest. Thank you for the feedback and thank you for your opinions.

As we didn’t have time to proper record the event, we used…well our phones:


And here are some glorious pictures:

Unbound Comic Con


Unbound Comic Con

Unbound Comic Con

Anyway, thank you once again for encouragement, we know that we were a little bit behind our schedule but overall the vibe was good. At least for us ūüėÄ

This will give as strength to continue the development. And remember that we are going to Games Com in Cologne.

You guys rock!


Unbound shrink mechanic

Hello guys,

First of all, sorry for not being active on our website we should on our own website. As you may know, having a full time job and working on a game is a total nightmare. We can’t dedicate all the time to the game but we have to move a little bit faster, because we want to play test some mechanics from Unbound at Comic Con 2017 in May…and of course¬†we are a little bit behind our schedule.

I just wanted to show you, in case you didn’t watch the Facebook posts ( I post there more often)¬†more concept art. Here are two beautiful concept art images from Level 1 and Level 2 and also the sphere concept which ties the realities.

Forest sphere

desert underground sphere


Now, on the mechanics:

This is a bit old. With the old art. But have to post it here again, this¬†mechanic will affect the monster as he collides with the sphere. The monster is moved in the second reality as a baby monster ūüôā

For the art we teamed up with: Square Heads Game

If you have any suggestions please tell and I promise I will keep updating the website more.

You can follow us on social media here:

Facebook |Twitter

Unbound Team out!


Update from Unreal Engine 4.14 to 4.15

We wanted to upgrade our C++ Paper2D project from version 4.14 to ¬†4.15 and we had some compile errors. Visual Studio complained that, it can’t find some C++ Paper2D related classes which are currently used in our project.

We received the following error:

  • Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error C2664 ‘void ConstructorHelpers::ValidateObject(UObject *,const FString &,const TCHAR *)’: cannot convert argument 1 from ‘UPaperFlipbook *’ to ‘UObject *’

If you check the this line of code, thrown by VS, you discover that this error is given by a template class in ConstructorHelpers.h. In short, the engine doesn’t have a clue about this class, to convert it, it means that an include file is missing in our project.

To solve it, we just added this include¬†#include “Paper2DClasses.h” in the main header from the project( name of your project.h)


That’s all ūüôā

Unreal Engine 4 blueprint basic 2D mouse panning

This is a step by step guide on how to achieve mouse panning in Unreal Engine. We are going to use this type of mechanism in our game, Unbound, to reveal the story to the player.

For this tutorial, I’m using Unreal Engine 4 version 4.13.2 and 2D Blueprint Side Scroller template. ¬†A little experience with UE4 is required.

Step 1: Create Level

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Game title: Unbound

We are excited to let you know that our new game is called Unbound. We had a big list of names and this one sound the best option to us.

This was the list:

And here is a simple new puzzle with a mummy witch is stuck on the “edge”

Note that the art is just a placeholder:)


Working on a new puzzle game with a sphere

After planning a little more with¬†Torch we realized that we don’t have all the resources we need especially time and money. So we decided to put the project on hold for the moment, until we grow a bit more as a Studio.

Meanwhile we came up with a puzzle game idea which we believe that we have everything we need in order to finish it :D.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and all the art for this video is from Kenney and the models (character and monster) are bought.

The main idea is around this magical sphere which the character can cast it wherever he wants. The sphere is a link between two worlds and have different properties based on the environment. In this example The Sphere can carry an enemy with it. So next time when I recast the spell, the enemy is still on the sphere. Other game mechanics based on this concepts are in development.

We don’t have a name for it at the moment, but we will come with something great.


We will try to update this every week, so be sure you follow our studio.

Sphere art copyright





What is an indie game developer?

Yesterday, my friend George asked me: “What do I have to know to become an indie game developer? To make a game from scratch?” I was on a run and my short answer was: “Everything“.


That “Everything” is overwhelming. My answer made me think and I suppose, that George consider me a smug. But, that evening I sat down and I meditated¬†on those questions.¬†Next day I met George and told him:


“Well, George, I made a mistake yesterday, when you asked me about indie game developer. But you know, creating a game is a complex process which takes some time. It’s¬†not everything, as I said, but you have to learn a lot from many fields and of course you can’t do nothing without patience”.



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With and without marketing: The consequences


I’ve seen lots of people complaining that they only have a few downloads for their games. I’ve also seen very good games with huge potential and they have 500 downloads or even less. What can we do to boost our downloads and make awareness for our¬†games?


Today I would like to compare two games released by our studio, just from a marketing point of view: Cellogy and Polandball: Can into Space!.


Our first game is Cellogy a free game, which was released on May 2015 just on Android and it has only 217 downloads.


marketing vs non marketing


The second one is called Polandball: Can into Space! and it was released:

  • Android, 6th January 2016, 11k downloads (Free version with ads + Paid version)
  • iOS, 12th February 2016, 3.5k downloads (3$ + with some free campaigns)
  • Steam, 16th June 2016, 2k downloads (3$)
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Polandball: Can Into Space out on 16th June 2016

Hello guys,

The art is ready, the cards are ready, Steam achievements ready. Based on people feedback at Comic Con 2016 we saw what’s right and wrong with some of the game mechanics and UI. Right now, we are trying to solve these issues. Not big deal, just a few glitches and bugs and the game is ready to go!

This is the wonderful Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/441050

We’ve also made a reaction video at Comic Con. You can watch it here:


Polandball: Can into Space is also part of the Higher Eclectic team. You can read more about the Team and the game on their beautiful website.

Sergiu, out.