Hello guys,

First of all, sorry for not being active on our website we should on our own website. As you may know, having a full time job and working on a game is a total nightmare. We can’t dedicate all the time to the game but we have to move a little bit faster, because we want to play test some mechanics from Unbound at Comic Con 2017 in May…and of course we are a little bit behind our schedule.

I just wanted to show you, in case you didn’t watch the Facebook posts ( I post there more often) more concept art. Here are two beautiful concept art images from Level 1 and Level 2 and also the sphere concept which ties the realities.

Now, on the mechanics:

This is a bit old. With the old art. But have to post it here again, this mechanic will affect the monster as he collides with the sphere. The monster is moved in the second reality as a baby monster

For the art we teamed up with: Square Heads Game

If you have any suggestions please tell and I promise I will keep updating the website more.